BIM services

We have created specific services depending on the business end: the concept of BIM is the same, but how it will affect your company will depend on your commercial activity. That is why the first step is to run a BIM readiness assessment where our expert BIM team will determine the path to follow on the BIM execution plan.

BIM readiness assessment

After the BIM readiness assessment, the path and strategy for the BIM implementation are defined, and the specific technology solutions that Tylko Advisors will deliver can be stated on the formal offer.

For a general scope of our offer, you can check the specific tri-fold brochures where we present our work for the two main company types in the construction industry; suppliers and contractors. The final proposal will be personally adapted to your business activity and type to deliver the ideal solution to you.

BIM libraries

A BIM library is a digital catalog of the products. It helps the user to browse, select and visualize the different items interactively, delivering a BIM object as a solution that contains the information of the product desired plus its geometry and appearance properties.

The BIM libraries are the ultimate solution for the manufacturer or suppliers. It is used by all the contractors in the construction industry to find the BIM objects they want to import to their projects. To check live examples of the work we can do for you, visit our BIM application examples.

In Tylko Advisors we strongly recommend having a BIM library on your own website for these reasons:

Be in charge of your own data

Be the unique source of your information

Manage your downloads statistics and track the potential leads

Have autonomy and exclusivity on your digital catalog

Choose and control the user interface, format, download statistics, and product display

Obtaining the BIM files from the direct provider will generate more trust on the information inside

Decide the marketing strategy freely with all the insights available from the download traffic

Free operability and independency of third-party providers plus exclusivity of products offered

Automatic BIM files generator

Our technology can create from a database populated with the manufacturer’s information an automatic generation of BIM files of the products on-demand. The product selector tool provides commercial and openBIM format files ready to apply to the coordinated model to build the project with the manufacturers’ specifications. We will filter, sort, and populate the server with the data from all different existing formats to deliver a unique and complete BIM object containing all the information likely dispersed among several documents, making BIM a consistent source of data for the company.
Process map for the BIM products selector tool for a single manufacturer
This can be done also by combining different products from several suppliers and creating what we call a system builder. The logic behind is the same but the possibility of combining the products from different parts makes the solution a collaborative one for several suppliers who are interested to produce joint products for the market.
Process map for the BIM build-up configurator tool of several products from different manufacturers

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