Building Information Modeling

In Tylko Advisors, we understand BIM with two words: visualization plus information.

Building Information Modeling, or BIM as it is abbreviated, is a methodology that works focused on the design phase. The importance of giving an accurate and complete design of a product will lead to fewer errors and reduce the cost of time and money in its production.

BIM is not software, 3D shapes, only for design, or another source of data. BIM is a procedure that requires collaboration between parties to deliver linked data that will manage the whole lifecycle of a product, making the construction and production sector part of the digital information technology.

The concept of making the design based on the product data increases efficiency. And this data is input once on the product and then updated, converting BIM capable to manage the whole lifecycle of the product, not only its production.

The construction industry is one of the slowest digitalization, not using the full potential of today’s technologies to increase the productivity and efficiency of the building sector. And we believe that BIM is the tool that will help the industry to thrive in the XXI century.
This methodology establishes a new baseline for data management, planning, design, and execution in the construction industry. We are ready for the change, are you?

Who uses BIM and why?

BIM is mainly used by the AEC sector; architects, engineers, and contractors or construction specialists.

But it not only involves the technical sector of the building industry; marketing, planning, logistic, and sales are also departments that will get affected by the implementation of BIM into the business. How? Well, carrying out a more precise and accurate design, the estimation of cost, times, and deliveries will be more efficient. Moreover, using BIM in a company will boost the brand and give more visibility to their products or services, delivering a lower CPL (cost per lead) using BIM libraries for example, as marketing and sales departments can track downloads and leads better, approaching the right people with less effort.

The world is evolving into digital connections and we believe that the key to a successful BIM implementation is, what in Tylko Advisors we call, the three Cs: coordinationcommunication, and collaboration. Interaction between all the actors makes BIM a dynamic and open way of working in the industry, which must be done with the so-called three Cs.

How does BIM work?

BIM works as a centralized model (also called federated or coordinated model). The central model is the one where all the different objects, products, installations, and works from the different parties are „loaded” to create the whole design of the project.

This can be understood as a Common Data Environment or CDE. A very important concept in any project management is to set „the common language” between parties and makes the information interoperable, using the BIM models or object as the unique source of data and global reference of the project or product.

How do I bring BIM into my business?

To implement BIM in the business you need to choose the right partner. In Tylko Advisors we can help you with the complete implementation of BIM depending on your company’s end; supplier, contractor, manufacturer… Our solutions are adapted and designed to bring the specific tools for maximizing the benefits of this methodology.

Take a look at our solutions and offers section, contact us here or use our calendar to book a free consultation with us, and let’s BIM together.